Best Wireless Keyboards That Would Be Suitable for Programmers

Velocifire VM02WS

The Velocifire VM02WS is a new unit for 2019 that uses Content Brown switches.
Content Brown switches are almost the same as the Cherry MX Browns with a bit less of a tactile bump.
The Content switches cost less but still are great key making the Velocifire VM02WS a good budget unit.
It is wireless and uses a 2.4GHz USB dongle that starts working once plugged into a computer.
It is also has a back light that can be turned on or off.
The VM02WS is a great unit for someone new to mechanical keyboards or anyone looking for a good low-cost solution.


The CORSAIR K63 is a nice keyboard that uses CHERRY MX switches.
It has Bluetooth built-in for a wireless setup or can use a wired connection.
The K63 is a great unit for those who like to use Cherry MX switches that works very well when gaming or simply typing.

Logitech G613

Logitech is a well known company that makes the Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED mechanical keyboard.
It uses the Romer-G switches which have a short travel to click the switch.
It also can connect via Bluetooth for a completely wireless setup.
There is no back light which keeps the battery life lasting much longer.
For those who have a favorite type of switch such the as Brown or Blue the Romer-G switches may not feel right.
The Logitech G613 is a good unit worth a look, be sure to read the reviews to see if it is a good fit for you.

Anne Pro 2

The Anne Pro 2 is a wireless mechanical keyboard that can come in a variety of switch types.
It can come with cherry MX blue, Brown, Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red, Kailh Box Brown, and Kailh Box Red.
The built-in battery last up to 8 hours with a USB Type-C connection to recharge.
It is wired or wireless unit using Bluetooth 4.0 to transmit wirelessly.

Majestouch EB2

This Majestouch keyboard uses Cherry MX Blue switches and is a wireless or wired board.
It has built-in Bluetooth 3.0 or can use a USB wired connection if needed.
It is also compatible with most any device such as Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 as well as Macs.
The Majestouch is a full size keyboard powered by two AA batteries.


A Majestouch board with the same basic features as the one above but using black switches.
It also uses Bluetooth 3.0 or a wired connection.


The MINILA Air 67 is a wireless Majestouch keyboard that uses Cherry MX switches.

This version is a mini wireless mechanical keyboard which makes it portable.

Compatible with Windows, Macs, and Android devices.

XArmor U9W

The XArmor has been available for a few years and has a solid reputation.

It uses Cherry MX Brown switches and uses the 2.4 GHz frequency for a 15 foot wireless range.

Mechanical Blue

This keyboard uses mechanical blue switches.

It is a well built unit that uses Bluetooth for wireless connection.

DREVO Calibur

The DREVO Calibur is a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard that can be bought with cherry Blue, Brown, Red, or Black switches.
It is one of the more affordable options and has a back-light which can be set to different modes or shut off.
If your computer does not have Bluetooth be sure to buy a compatible low cost Bluetooth dongle.

DREVO Calibur 71-Key

DREVO has built many good gaming keyboard and now has the Calibur Mechanical Keyboard.
It can use Bluetooth or be plugged in to a USB slot.
Currently there is two options one for Blue Switches and another for Red Switches.
The price is low compared to many other units making it worth a look.